The Lifestyle Assessment Tool was developed by Joshua Warlow, Dietitian at Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local

Why was it developed?

In a pursuit to better apply behaviour change theories I developed the Lifestyle Assessment Tool. This tool supports clinicians (of any discipline), coaches, counselors or mentors to guide and assist clients in achieving their positive healthy lifestyle goals. It incorporates several theories and evidence-based interventions of behaviour change including motivational interviewing and health coaching. It is a template which can assist with continuity of care between colleagues, teams, disciplines and organisations to ensure effective handover of information related to the client’s own motivations and perspectives.

How should it be used?

This tool has five sections. There is flexibility with how many and in what order they are completed. The main aim is to identify and explore the person’s goal; decision outcomes; readiness, importance, confidence and knowledge to change; their barriers and finally their plan of action to achieve and maintain their goal. See the back reference page for explanations and examples of how to use each section. The facilitator can fill in the information during the conversation, however, the focus should be on listening to the person, reflecting, asking open questions and not on strictly completing each section.

2013.07.16 Lifestyle Assessment Tool.pdf (

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