by Maree Ferguson, Founder and Director, Dietitian Connection

Many dietitians would enjoy the opportunity to join the DC team. In fact, many would say it’s their dream job [I know it’s mine!] So, why did I choose Kate Agnew?

My first introduction to Kate was via an email from a trusted colleague, Melanie McGrice. Melanie let me know Kate had volunteered at a workshop she was running and that she was proactive, humble and just got on with the job without having to be asked twice. An email like that from Melanie meant a great deal!

Melanie then introduced us, and I met Kate after a university lecture I gave. She indicated she would be interested in volunteering with DC, and with Melanie’s recommendation, I was keen to give Kate an opportunity.

I asked her to find a restaurant for me to take some dietitians to in Nashville, during the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference. I also asked her to investigate how to create podcasts. Kate came back with a great restaurant reco, and an 11-page document (with screenshots) walking me through each step of creating a podcast. That blew my mind.

I wanted to begin a DC podcast, but I wasn’t that keen on doing it myself. So, I asked Kate to interview me for our very first DC podcast, and then I invited her to host our DC podcasts. She did a stellar job! At that point, I decided to bring her on board as a casual employee.

One thing led to another, with Kate gradually working more and more days. She is now full-time and the rest is history. We love having her at DC. (Thank you for everything you do, Kate!)

If you’re looking to land your dream job, here’s some advice so you can follow in Kate’s footsteps. The qualities that Kate possesses that I, (and other business owners/managers) am looking for when hiring are: being proactive/initiative, innovative, questioning/having an inquisitive mind, being a critical thinker, providing good customer service, outcomes focused, being a team player, and most of all having a positive attitude.

I love it when Kate doesn’t know something and she will tell me, “I’ll just Google it”!

Tip 1: Volunteer exceed expectations

Tip 2: Have initiative and exceed expectations (yes, again!)

Tip 3: Positive attitude and exceed expectations (yes, we really mean again!)


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