Weeks ago, I purchased a ticket to attend the Business Chicks breakfast with Lorna Jane, thinking it would be nice to hear from a fellow Brisbanite about her successful business journey.  Little did I know she would be in a media storm the day before with an advertisement for a “fit model”.  I wondered would she address the controversy or would she ignore it.  I am pleased to say that she addressed it head on.  Lorna discussed turning the situation into a positive and “wanting to get a great message out there that you can be fit and healthy whatever size you are”.   When asked why they don’t use a mannequin, Lorna Jane responded “because mannequin’s can’t tell you how they feel!”

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Jillian Whiting, Channel Seven journalist, interviewed Lorna and below are some of the quotes I found really resonated and thought we could all draw some inspiration from:

“I was just a girl who had a dream.  I’ve been fortunate enough to build a brand and chase that dream every day.  I just put one foot in front of the other every day.”

“Step outside of your comfort zone; get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.”

“I would like to say I knew what I was doing and had a plan, but it was the opposite of that”

“Look at what is relevant to the customer, stay connected to them, I look at what she wants and when she wants it”

“This is not an overnight success, it’s taken me 26 years. It’s not luck, but lots of hard work and passion.”

“Every morning, I look at inspiring the world one customer at a time.

When discussing her CEO husband, Lorna mentioned they don’t make business disagreements personal. She described her business like a swan, floating along gracefully on the surface, but underneath the team, are working like mad.

“Take money off the table.  If what you do is about passion & purpose, money will follow.  Know the why.”

“Women are powerful e.g. they decide what the family eats, therefore I would like to inspire women and then I will influence the family.”

For those thinking of starting their own business, her one tip was START NOW! Her final message for the day was “If you do what you love and slow down to appreciate it, you will live an inspired life”.

Lorna Jane has more than 210 stores worldwide and sells an active wear item every 23 seconds, she’s doing something right!  For me, it was great to hear Lorna Jane say, “I just put one foot in front of the other every day.” I think it’s a great message, especially in the tough times that we all go through in life.

And of upmost importance, love what you do… but remember to take the time to slow down to appreciate it.  I know this will be my new mantra!

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