I have many goals for Dietitian Connection in the upcoming years, including the following:

– Connecting dietitian-nutritionists with each other.  I had no idea about all the fantastic work being done by dietitians around Australia and New Zealand until I started Dietitian Connection and was able to share and celebrate the work being done by amazing dietitians not only here but around the world

– Connecting dietitian-nutritionists with all of the resources you need in a single location – a one stop shop for information and new

– Connecting dietitian-nutritionists and the food industry.  I believe by working together on shared goals we can make a difference in improving the health of future generations.

– Connecting dietitian-nutritionists with the community.  I believe we need to improve our public profile.  In order to do this, I think we need to change the way we currently go about our business.   I am convinced that we need to emotionally connect with and engage our key stakeholders and clients. Dietitian Connection will be the “essential link for nutrition leaders” through offering tools to improve our leadership, marketing and business skills.  And most importantly,

– Inspiring dietitian-nutritionists to dream big and realise their dreams.


As you can see there’s lots of work to do, we had better get cracking!

Dietitian Connection is your community, so we would love to hear what ideas you have on how we can help you meet your goals and dreams as a dietitian-nutritionist.


Maree Ferguson, Director Dietitian Connection









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