– By Sarah Marjoram, MS, RDN, LD

One of the most common questions we get as Digital Marketing experts is “what should I be doing for SEO?”. We smile, take a deep breath, and start from the beginning. The truth is, SEO is not a silver bullet. It encompasses your content, site structure, programming and a whole lot of other magical ingredients. But when it comes to our clients adding their own blog posts and imagery or updating content we have a few things we share that are basic level needs for SEO.

1. Image Size – Make sure your images are sized according to needs. Do not upload extremely large images and expect the page to size them for you. The page will slow down and this affects SEO.

2. Image Naming – The name of your file should be relevant and descriptive but not too long.

3. Image Title and Alt – Make sure you fill in the title and alt fields (in WordPress) with relevant information. Hopefully your text has something to do with keywords you are going for. Some words of advice, pretend you are describing the image to a blind person.

4. Page / Article Content – Make sure to have plenty of content on your page worded carefully around your keyword subject without saying the keyword too often (also known as spamming). Also, the title of the page should be relevant. For instance “Home” is not a great name for your main webpage. In the briefest of words, say what the page means.

5. Build Links – One of the most time consuming but great SEO things you can do is build incoming links to your blog or webpage. Here is a great article for those with stores and it has some excellent advice for anyone. Read here…

There is so much more but in a day to day task of adding posts and updating content these are the absolute basics to getting started.

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