Three steps for becoming a media dietitian

— Melanie McGrice


Over the last year I have had the fortune of providing dietary advice to approximately 1.3 billion people.  I feel so honoured.  It’s great to be able to use your knowledge and skills to be able to help others.  If you’re interested in becoming a media dietitian, let me share a few tips which helped me along the way….


1. Get some work experience – you don’t have to limit your work experience to dietetics. Being a student is a time for exploration, for trial and error to figure out how you can make the biggest difference with the skills and gifts that you have. During my studies, amongst working at a bar, café and clothing boutique, I worked for an events management company, worked for a PR agency and volunteered at my local community magazine. All of these experiences gave me the opportunity to meet new people, gain an understanding of different industries and determine where my unique skills lie. Even if you’re already working and have a day each week to spare, undertaking work experience is a great way to open doors.

2. Stay on top of the latest research – where once upon a time you were reliant upon the local newspaper and maybe the evening news, with the advent of the internet and social media there is now a plethora of content. Media agencies are hungry for new topics that will drive traffic to help promote their advertisers.  As dietitians we have a key advantage, we know how to access, read and interpret new research. If you’re interested in a career in the media, you need to develop a strategy to help you stay on top of new research before it becomes mainstream, so you can then pitch it to others.

3. Practice writing – writing is a skill that can be learnt. If you’re not a strong writer, I’d recommend undertaking a short course in writing or journalism.  If you already have a love of writing, then get started! Start a blog, or contact your local newspaper to see if you can submit an article to them. Once, you’ve started, it’s amazing how doors will open.





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