Sometimes when it is busy and you have lots of clients booked in, it can be hard to find the time to develop your marketing ideas.  Having some prompts is great for these occasions when your brain needs a boost of ideas.  These are some ideas for topics you could use for a Facebook post, a blog, a tweet, or in a newsletter for your practice – all frugal ways to market your small business online through sharing your news and knowledge with your target health consumers.

Here they are:

  1. What are you learning about? Are you studying something in particular that you can tell your audience about?
  2. Have you read a journal article lately? What were the findings? Anything you can share?
  3. Have you been involved in an inservice? What was the topic, and can you elaborate on why the topic is important? Perhaps take a photo of everyone at the inservice learning.
  4. Motivate your audience with an inspirational quote.
  5. Share a recipe.
  6. Your favourite thing to do at work.
  7. Your 5 best tips on a topic that your target audience would learn from.
  8. Share information on an app that would assist your readers (for example, Smiling Mind is a great app for anyone working with clients who might be stressed, anxious or need to learn about mindfulness).
  9. Interview another allied health professional about their job and what they do.
  10. Share your favourite blogs that relate to your area of expertise.
  11. Share some of your behind the scenes information – people love a peek into the other side of your practice – a photo of a planning session, lunch time in the office, or someone’s birthday.
  12. Create a list of books that might help your audience or referrers learn more about a topic.
  13. Share something you think your audience would not know about your practice – how did it start, why did you start it?
  14. How to do something. This could be a little video or series of photos. Pick something that might be helpful to your target audience – for example, if you work a lot with children, it might be how to prepare a healthy lunchbox for fussy eaters, or if you focus on managing diabetes, it might be a short video on simple ways to make the preparation of meals at home easier to manage through meal modification. The ideas are endless, you just have to use your imagination.
  15. Share what you are doing in your business on a day to day basis. Don’t assume people know what you to. Find a way to show them – it might be you scoring an assessment you have administered, talking on the phone to a referrer or putting together a new handout.
  16. Share one of your handouts for others to see.
  17. Tell people about funding that is available for therapy, which may include Medicare funding or the NDIS.
  18. Show people your website.
  19. Write about a particular diagnosis that you commonly see. What is it, how can you help client in that situation?
  20. Interview a team member about their role in your practice. What do they love about their job? What are their skills and motivations?

I hope this can help in those moments of brain fade in your busy week!


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