On Friday last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the first release of nutrition data from more than 12,000 Australians in the 2011-12 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS). Below is a summary of key results from the 24-hour dietary recall of food, beverages and dietary supplements, as well as some general information on dietary behaviours. 



▪97% people reported consumed cereals and cereal products 

▪85% people consumed dairy products

▪69% people consumed Meat, poultry and game products 

▪Vegetable products and dishes were consumed by 75% of people, with potatoes making up around 25% (by weight) of all vegetables consumed. Based on people’s self-reported usual consumption of vegetables, just 6.8% of the population met the recommended usual intake of vegetables.

▪Fruit products and dishes were consumed by 60% of people. Based on self-reported usual serves of fruit eaten per day, 54% met the recommendations for usual serves of fruit.

▪35% of total energy consumed was from ‘discretionary foods’



The average energy intake was 9,655 kilojoules (kJ) for males and 7,402 kJ for females. 

Carbohydrate contributed the largest proportion of total energy, providing 45% on average with the balance of energy coming from fat (31%), protein (18%), alcohol (3.4%) and dietary fibre (2.2%).



29% of Australians reported taking at least one dietary supplement 



More than 2.3 million Australians (13%) aged 15 years and over reported that they were on a diet to lose weight or for some other health reason. 



17% of Australians aged 2 years or over (or 3.7 million people) reported avoiding a food type due to allergy or intolerance and 7% (1.6 million) avoided particular foods for cultural, religious or ethical reasons. 


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