We thought you might like to know that  ‘Australian Calorie Counter – Easy Diet Diary’ Version 3 with Recipes is now available for free download from the iPhone App Store. Easy Diet Diary is the most popular free Australian calorie counter for iPhone. You can read about the new version here on the App Store, including the latest customer reviews.


Easy Diet Diary Version 3 allows you to add and edit your own recipes. You can expand your recipes in situ in the diary to see the contribution of each ingredient to the nutrient results. Version 3 also includes other enhancements, such as 5000 new foods and an expanded main menu.


We hope that you  enjoy the new Easy Diet Diary. Currently Easy Diet Diary is entirely funded by Xyris Software, and our vision is to make it a first-class tool for people managing their weight and diet. Through Easy Diet Diary, we hope to make a real and positive difference in the health of ordinary Australians. Hence our development work continues and we would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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