How to write a blog article


A blog article is a great way to build nutrition literacy through deep diving into a topic your audience wants or needs to learn more about. Plus, they are a useful tool to position yourself as support in this space. Blogs can also increase the ranking of your website on the internet. The more you discuss a specific topic on your website, the higher your website ranks when someone searches that topic. The strategy of improving your ranking is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (read more about it here).


Here’s five tips for writing a good blog article:

1. Keep it simple

According to this Guardian article, humans check their phone every 12 minutes. So, keeping your blog article to 300 to 500 words is just enough time to keep your audience engaged before they get distracted.


2. Have a catchy headline

Think about how you’re going to get the audience to click and read. Craft a catchy title that lets the reader know the solution your blog article is providing (e.g. How to write a blog article).


3. Translate the research

As clients become curious about exploring health and wellbeing online, translating credible research into practical advice will give them confidence in your recommendations.


4. Make it visually appealing

Images and videos are a great way to break up your blog, but make sure you’re not infringing copyright and reference all media. Better yet – create your own photos and videos to include.


5. Have a call to action

Whether it’s sharing a fabulous patient resource or including a link to booking an appointment with you, make sure your audience know how they can continue to navigate the topic with your help.


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