Setting up a newsletter


How can you deliver value to your database and drive engagement? Set up a regular newsletter. You can find instructions on setting up a newsletter here. Newsletters can be a wonderful lead generator, helping you convert the sales you need to have a thriving business. 



Newsletters need to be engaging. Let’s face it: we’re all bombarded with emails everyday, and all of them are fighting for our attention. To get your database’s attention, you need to break through the noise by delivering value and letting them know you’re here to help. Think: healthy tips and tricks, patient resources or delicious recipes.


The structure of your newsletter is important to get engagement bang for your buck. Here are four ways to help you structure the perfect newsletter:


1. Have a theme

Awareness months are a great theme for your newsletter. Just like Gut Health Month, this can prompt your clients to think about their own relationship with the topic and the help they may need from you.


2. Consider seasonality

Seasonality can create pain points for clients. For example, the beginning of the year is a time when many people are setting health goals, and clients may be looking for resources to help them get started.


3. Provide solutions for pain points

In our last masterclass we reminded you about our fantastic patient resources to share. This a great example of providing your database with valuable ideas for free. Sharing your favourite food hacks or recipes, or writing a short blog on your theme are other examples of doing so.


4. Have a call to action

This is the most important part! You need to inspire your database to make an appointment with you. You can do this by letting your clients know the content in your newsletter is general in nature and the most effective way for them to address a pain point is to access personalised care with your services. Include your contact details, a link to your website or a link to book an appointment with you directly.


Once your first newsletter has been delivered, work with your database provider to track open and click rates, so you can learn what works and therefore continue to build engagement with your network.


Stay tuned for the next masterclass when we walk you through how to write a compelling blog post!


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