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Dr Ingrid Hickman is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Director of Research at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

After graduating from Dietetics, she worked in a variety of clinical roles in both rural and metropolitan hospitals. Ingrid then went on to pursue research in a large tertiary hospital. In 2004, Ingrid obtained her PhD in Medical Science from the University of Queensland.

Since completing her PhD, she has developed a strong internationally recognised track record in nutrition research in the fields of metabolism, liver function and obesity-related chronic diseases.

Ingrid is a recognised expert in clinical research methodologies and has a passion for building research capacity within the dietetic profession.  Additionally, Ingrid is a member of the Dietitian Connection scientific advisory board


In this episode, we discuss:


– After growing up in a country town, Ingrid’s desire to study nutrition & dietetics brought her to the city.

– Ingrid’s first job (a clinical role) took her back to a country town.

– How volunteering, Research Assistant work and welcoming any and every experience opened doors.

– Ingrid’s day to day activities as Director of Nutrition & Dietetics Research at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

– Why Ingrid makes a conscious effort to plan her day, including time to think.

– The most rewarding aspects of Ingrid’s role – seeing others grow and seeing colleagues take the next step to pursue research, to name a few.

– The challenges of Ingrid’s role.

– Ingrid’s duties as a member of the Dietitian Connection Scientific Advisory Board and how this is often a learning experience for her.

– Ingrid’s mentors and how this has contributed to her career.

– Ingrid’s fellowship and the additional perks of research: travelling around the world, building international networks and learning new techniques.

– Ingrid’s advice to you: work hard, be clear on your goals and celebrate when you reach them.

– Future opportunities for dietitians: personalised medicine and how our expertise is crucial for translating this information into practical solutions.

– Expanding your leadership network.


Additional resources


Visit Ingrid’s UQ Researcher profile.

Click here for Ingrid’s ResearchGate profile.




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