Joe Leech is a Dietitian from Sydney, with a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. He’s also the founder of science-based website Diet vs. Disease. What he’s best known for, however, are his online courses. Joe creates written and video content for those living with diet-related health conditions and diseases, and his online courses have gained a strong following. They serve to break down dense information – such as scientific reviews and bodies of evidence — into easily digestible and appealing visual content.


In this podcast, we discuss how you, too, can create an online course as a value-add for your dietetics business.

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • A brief history of Joe’s work experience and how he discovered his writing skills
  • Writing for the #1 Nutrition website on google: Authority Nutrition — and the skills he gained along the way
  • The equipment, platform and work required to create an online course
  • How online courses can add value to your services as a dietitian
  • The hard part: sales & marketing – Joe dishes up some tips for you

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