Lina Breik is a dietitian with a decade of dietetic experience under her belt. Most of her career has been spent in the Intensive Care Unit, but more recently, she’s taken a step out of clinical work and into the world of management. Both of these experiences have given Lina great insight into the impact of malnutrition not only on patients themselves, but the entire hospital system. In this podcast, Lina chats about managing malnutrition in settings from the ICU to the community, and the ramifications of patients coming out of the ICU malnourished. Lina also touches on strategies dietitians can employ to reduce malnutrition in the hospital setting and provides advice for getting the malnutrition message heard.


Lina Breik is an accredited practicing dietitian with a decade of clinical nutrition experience working cross several hospitals in Melbourne. She is currently the Acting Dietetics Manager at Eastern Health and a specialist tube feeding dietitian at Tube Dietitian, a private practice she founded March 2020.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lina’s tunnel vision that landed her a dietitian position in the ICU
  • How Lina’s business, Tube Dietitian, came to fruition
  • How malnutrition impacts a patient in the ICU
  • The implications of malnourished patients on the hospital system
  • Lina’s tips for fighting malnutrition messaging fatigue

Additional resources

Lina’s private practice, Tube Dietitian


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