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Rachael Bradford is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and the Events Manager for Dietitian Connection.

Rachael graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 1995; her first position was at the Mater hospital in Brisbane. Since then, Rachael’s career has included a diverse range of dietetic and nutrition jobs, including hospital-based positions, private practice, corporate health and community health services.

Now, Rachael works in her successful private practice in Brisbane, which she established in 1998. Here, she provides nutrition treatment to a range of clients and is particularly interested in helping those with eating disorders, bowel conditions and FODMAPS, weight management and diabetes.


In this episode, we discuss:


– Rachael takes us through the sliding door moments in her career:

Working for a private practice dietitian followed by managing a Diabetes project

Working for Nutrition Australia in a corporate health role

Getting into her media work

– Rachael’s role at Dietitian Connection as the Events Manager.

– Rachael’s typical work day and how she juggles family life with her private practice work and Events Manager jobs.

– How Rachael initiated her private practice business and her tips for starting or getting involved in private practice.

– Rachael’s love for food, passion for entertaining and her ability to translate Medical Nutrition Therapy into practical solutions for clients.

– The challenges Rachael is faced with – tackling social media, working solo and juggling up to 6 part time roles.

– Time management, setting goals and organisation to ensure success.

– Taking on job opportunities, saying yes to media enquiries and ensuring you have mentors to gain wisdom and expertise.


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Click here for Rachael’s Online Dietitian profile


Contact Rachael:

Mina Medical Centre

821 Old Cleveland Rd, Carina Q 4152

phone: 3398 4552  fax: 3843 6500

mobile: 0400 783 481

email: [email protected]


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