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Matt O’Neill is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. Matt is the founder and Director of SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, where he provides tips, tools & training for professionals working in the weight loss industry. Matt is also the creator of Metabolic Jumpstart; an online nutrition & weight management program that focusses on the optimum balance of food groups for every individual.

In the past, Matt has held positions such as; Nutritionist for the Australian Consumer’s Association, board member on the Weight Management Administration Code Council of Australia and a member of the NHMRC’s Overweight & Obesity Working Group.

Matt is also the nutrition guru for channel’s The Morning Show and is the weight loss coach for Men’s Health Magazine in Australia.  Matt runs a blog called Mission Metabolism; and connects with fans on Facebook & Twitter to share his expert advice and tips for keeping his fans on track with their lifestyle habits.

He has delivered over 1000 media interviews, hundreds of seminars and webinars has presented in 8 countries. To date, Matt has trained over 20,000 fitness professionals and continues to inform and inspire, both professionals and clients, with his successful businesses and media spotlight.


In this episode of the Dietitians in the Media, we discuss:

– Matt’s work at SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, where he trains health professionals, and how he established Metabolic Jumpstart.

– Getting into the social media spotlight and tips for success.

– Matt’s commentary on Sunday Night, regarding the Paleo debate, in August 2015.

– How to prepare for media blow ups and how to manage ‘trolls’ on social media.

– Matt’s secrets for effective communication on social media: the WHY and the HOW.

– Why dietitians should have a voice in the media.


We also discuss business topics such as:

– Matt’s work day and his secrets for running a smarter, efficient business.

– Matt’s talents: teaching, inspiring and educating and how he turned his passion into a business.

– Matt’s tips for starting a business.

– Outsourcing, setting up systems and using technology to boost the success of your business.


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Infusionsoft for customer database management

Upwork for outsourcing work and freelancing

Mindjet for mind mapping

Mashable for the latest in technology and social media trends


Click here for Matt’s Weight Loss Program Success Webinar





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