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 Guest biography

Bernadette Eriksen is the founder and managing director of Flavour Creations, a Brisbane based $20 million food manufacturing company. Flavour Creations researches and develops innovative dysphagia products, intended to support a healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of thousands suffering from dysphagia.

What started out as an idea on Bernadette’s kitchen bench in the late 1990’s has become an international success story after she discovered a gap in the market for providing food and drink solutions that not only taste great but offer maximum nutrition density and enhance quality of life.

Flavour Creations is now recognised as a global leader for innovation in the industry, producing more than 100,000 cups of pre-thickened liquid per day, alongside a growing range of targeted food first nutrition solutions. They employ over 100 staff locally and restore dignity and independence to thousands of people all over the world.

Hosted by Maree Ferguson, we discuss:

– The start of Bernadette’s multi million dollar global business in little Brisbane.

– The research, the challenges, and the ideas behind Flavour Creations in an evolving industry.

– Bravery, commitment and passion in being a successful business leader.

– The food science aspects behind Flavour Creations products and their Brisbane based factory.

– Success through a strong management team.

– Flavour Creations’ upcoming products and plans for the future.

Additional resources

Visit the Flavour Creations website for more info and to get in touch.


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