I was catching up with a close school friend who I have known for almost thirty years over the weekend and we were discussing various business topics.  She works for a non-profit organisation and was telling me once the organisation really figured out its purpose – why they do what they do – this was when the organisation started becoming successful.  Once they knew their why, they could really focus and this attracted attention from new clients including government ministers, their primary funder.

It got me thinking and I started to reflect on why Dietitian Connection?  Dietitian Connection for me is the ability to share my passion for dietetics.  Through Dietitian Connection, I would like to provide professional development opportunities to enable dietitians to be successful nutrition leaders (and claim our position as the go to people for nutrition).  I would like to inspire dietitians to dream big and enable them to realise their dreams.  And I would like to see dietitians and food industry working together collaboratively on shared goals so we can make a difference in improving the health of future generations.

Coincidentally, I have also just finished reading “The Power of Why: breaking out in a competitive marketplace” by Richard Weylman.  He asks four key questions for you to reflect on your business or work (the questions can be applied whether you work in private practice, hospital, university or industry):

1.Why are your customers/clients buying from you now?

2.Are your customers/clients staying with you or shopping around, and if the latter, why?

3.What is it about your competition’s relationship to their customers that you haven’t figured out yet?  Why are they so successful?

4.What happens when you turn loyalty neutral customers into delighted advocates?

Weylman advocates for spending time thinking from a customer-centric perspective – how can we create experiences that delight our customers?  And some of the answers might have nothing to do with nutrition.  For instance, I went to a physiotherapist for the first time recently and they called me the day after my appointment to see how I was going and whether I had any questions.  It was an unexpected call that demonstrated to me that this service goes above and beyond.  How could you exceed your clients’ expectations?

I would love to hear your why

–Why do you do what you do?

–And why Dietitian Connection for you?

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