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Dietitians Australia telehealth position statement

Dietitians Australia recently released their position statement on telelhealth, urging policy makers and healthcare funds to recognise the importance of telehealth dietetic consultations in improving access to dietitian services and addressing service inequities. Click here to read more.

Bite Size Chats with Dietitians

From need-to-know business skills to challenging assumptions and even the pros and cons of telehealth, this is one jam-packed episode of Bite-size Chats with Dietitians. We’re lucky enough to be joined by the inspiring Melanie McGrice and Nicole Dynan to chat all things coping with COVID-19. Grab a cuppa and settle in – this one’s a goodie!

Telehealth comparisons

Telehealth flyers

Add your company logo and contact details to these editable documents that you can send to GPs in your referral network and also to your patients to explain how they can still see you with telehealth

  • This is a recording of a conversation hosted by Fiona Sutherland from The Mindful Dietitian with guest speaker Tara MacGregor from Practice Pavestones, held on 6th April, 2020 and attended live by Australian Dietitians.
  • The topic, “Consent in Virtual Practice,” steps through ways we can be thoughtful and deliberate in our client-centered communications. Please note that this conversation was held specifically with COVID19 Telehealth legislation, current as of 6th April, in mind.
  • More about Tara:
  • More about Fiona:


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