Maree Ferguson,
Founder & Director, Dietitian Connection

DC founder and director Maree Ferguson’s professional network extends well beyond Australia. Here are her top five tips on building and growing relationships with nutrition leaders around the globe:

Attend international dietetic conferences, and network with the speakers and attendees. Every year I attend the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) FNCE. I leave inspired every time.

Become a member of an international dietetic organisation. I highly recommend becoming a member of the AND. Because of their size, with more than 100,000 dietitian members, they are able to offer great resources and value for money, including email discussion groups, which I find to be invaluable.

Look for international committees you can participate in. I stay in touch with many dietitians from around the globe who were on AND committees with me.

The ultimate way to extend your network outside of Australia is to work overseas for a period of time. Experiencing another culture, way of life and dietetic practice will broaden your horizons exponentially.

If working overseas is not possible, connecting with overseas dietitians via social media is an easy way to grow your international network, from the comfort of your own home.


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