Focus your attention on what you intend for yourself

— Susie Burrell

How much time do you spend thinking about what you are not happy about in your life – the fact that you are still single, or that you are not happy with your current partner, that you hate your job or do not have as much money as you would like?

While it is human nature to dwell on things that are bothering us, the irony is that thinking about the very things we are unhappy about is likely to actually be keeping them around. The Laws of Physics suggest that the more energy we give to something, the more it manifests in our lives. So, if you are looking for a great partner, more money, a more fulfilling job we need to practice concentrating on these goals, and ways we can move closer to them rather than ruminating on what we do not have. This means rather than talking about how bad our job is, thinking about what sort of job would be better or what type of partner we would like.

When our attention shifts, so too does our energy and energy ultimately creates momentum and the life changes we are looking for.

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