Behind every successful athlete is a coach, guiding and fine-tuning performances to achieve new goals.  And as that athlete progresses in his or her career, that coach becomes even more important.


Why? Because it’s so difficult to self-assess and make necessary refinements on one’s own. A coach can consistently [and critically] monitor from afar, get to know strengths and weaknesses, and recommend changes to improve outcomes.




Compare your professional self to that athlete now. Do you have a coach? Is there anyone who is helping you reach your full potential, via personalised focus, direction, accountability and encouragement? 

If not, it’s time to consider professional coaching. And, since there’s no reason to settle for second-best [would professional athletes settle?], be sure to choose a proven leader in the Australian dietetics community.

Maree Ferguson, our Founder and Director here at Dietitian Connection, is kicking off 2017 by offering only five people the opportunity to participate in coaching, starting in February. These sessions will book out quickly, so if you’ve been thinking about investing in your career and making beneficial changes to your working life, don’t hesitate to act on this.

Why choose Maree? For starters, here’s a little secret: she has a business coach herself and believes it is the number one contributor to her success. Maree will leverage her vast experience in business leadership – and proven track record of success – to help you advance toward your goals, regardless of the level you’re at in your career.  Read about Maree’s own experience with using a personal coach.

Here are FAQs on Business Coaching with Maree Ferguson:


Who are these coaching sessions appropriate for?

Anyone who may be:

    • Hoping to take their existing career or business to the next level
    • In need of assistance with building a unique brand – whether that’s a personal or business brand

    Feeling overwhelmed by their current position

  • Stuck at a crossroads and unsure on which direction to head in next
  • Looking to start their own business


How does the program run?

Prior to joining the program, Maree will organise a 30-minute one-on-one assessment phone call with you to identify the areas where you need the most help; and also the opportunity to ask Maree questions to see if the coaching program is going to be a good fit for you.

Then for five consecutive months, she will then lead you through one or two hour-long sessions each month – to work through your priority areas of need. This is delivered via phone or Skype; or, in-person if you are in Brisbane.

Maree will also make herself available in between the hour-long sessions for your questions and to follow-up to ensure focus and execution of your agreed upon action items.


How does Maree work as a coach?

Maree focuses on helping you become more self-aware, confident and self-sufficient. She does this by asking strategic, informed questions customized to your areas of need, and then talking through your responses with you. This helps open your eyes to new possibilities and ways of doing things.


What are examples of some of the topics I can work on with Maree?

Marketing: determining your “why”; identifying your target market/niche; understanding your unique value proposition; creating your brand; building your profile; developing a marketing plan; social media management; publishing an e-book

  • Leadership: creating accountability; leading high-performing teams; recruiting and hiring; creating a positive outcomes-focused workplace culture; developing and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Business management: new business development; time management; improving systems and processes; setting budgets and measuring financials


What will I gain from Maree’s coaching?

– Meaningful results due to strategic focus, alignment to your goals, and key action items
– Increased self-confidence and motivation
– Improved effectiveness
– Better-defined personal/business profile
– Greater clarity on direction
– Overcoming obstacles and barriers
– Enhanced time management skills
– Stronger business systems and planning techniques
– Greater accountability
– The ability to define and set a roadmap to achieve your business dreams and goals


When do the sessions start?

The five-month coaching program starts in February 2017 and continues through June 2017.


What is the cost?

This is an investment in your professional self – one that will repay itself in the long run by saving you time and honing your focus.


    Non-premium Premium
Monthly          $375 + gst per month (or $1687 + gst   upfront, saving $188) $335 + gst per month (or $1487 + gst upfront, saving $188)
Fortnightly    $595 + gst per month (or $2787 + gst   upfront, saving $188) $555 + gst per month (or $2587 + gst upfront, saving $188)

For monthly payment, payments will be monthly in advance by automatic bank deduction (EFT) or by credit card (a credit card processing fee will apply).


How do I sign up?

Contact Maree directly on [email protected] or 0477 185 067 with questions or to book. On the fence? Don’t wait too long to decide – once spots are booked out, we won’t open another coaching slot until the new financial year begins.


What are others saying about Maree’s coaching abilities?

Trudy Williams, “Maree has a calm and gentle style and personality … she seamlessly targets her coaching by using an approach of inquisitive, guiding, collaborative discussion that generates intention and expectation through clarity. If you are in a solo position or director of your own business, you gain a lot from someone who has intimate knowledge and direct experience.” 

Fiona Sutherland, The Mindful Dietitian: “Maree gives very honest, considered & timely feedback that helps me connect where I am now, with where I want to be, using my own personal values as a guide … I would really recommend you connect with her if you’re looking for honest, genuine and insightful support with someone who really understands both the dietetics and business worlds.”  

Nicole Dynan, The Good Nutrition Co.: “Maree helped me to find and rank the value in all of the things I was doing and gain insight into what I enjoyed the most, which coincidentally tied in with my strengths as a dietitian and a person. Maree’s guidance helped me to find the answers on my own. It wasn’t about telling me what to do but rather coaching me to discover the direction that was right for me.  [Maree’s] coaching was the best investment I ever made in my business.”  

Private Practice Dietitian: “I don’t have a business brain and sometimes I struggle to think outside the box. However, Maree is a lateral thinker with years of business experience. She was able to provide valuable insight and strategies to help guide me in my business that lead to generating more revenue and further work opportunities. I would recommend Maree’s services to aspiring dietitians, new grads and even well-seasoned dietitians.“


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