What are the best nutritional strategies for treating our underweight and frail clients? Frailty and unintentional weight loss are predictors of morbidity and mortality. This presentation will provide nutritional strategies for treating clients who present these symptoms. The presentation will: introduce the concept of frailty discuss the role of dietary protein in the preservation of muscle look at different sources of protein, such as: branch-chain amino acids whey versus casein versus soy different oral nutritional supplements look at the timing and quantity of protein required to preserve muscle provide practical strategies to help improve a client’s oral intake. Watching this presentation and completing the assessment can contribute towards assessable Continuing Professional Development points. Presenter: Beryl Dawson Beryl Dawson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, she has more than thirty years of clinical experience as a dietitian, and she has spent the past twenty-five years working in geriatrics and rehabilitation. Beryl’s interests include the nutritional support of wound management, and the maintenance of muscle mass for healthy ageing. She is a member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, and of the Trans-Tasman Wound Care Group, which produced the ‘Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Dietetic Management of Adults with Pressure Injuries’. Beryl has presented at many RACIG meetings. Registration includes Access to recording of webinar Copy of presentation notes Multiple-choice questions and answers Registration types Recording: $38 to receive a DVD recording of the webinar and associated documents by post Subscription: $33 monthly to receive all Education in Nutrition recordings (minimum 24 a year)

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