It takes skill and knowledge to make texture- modified diets that are nutritionally adequate and aesthetically pleasing The presentation will cover: Introduction to the normal swallowing, process and what happens in dysphagia Texture and consistency standards (soft, minced moist, smooth pureed) The fluid thickness grading scale (150, 400, 900) The presentation of texture-modified food Ways to increase energy content and variety in texture-modified diets Snacks for the nutritionally vulnerable Watching this presentation and completing the assessment can contribute towards assessable Continuing Professional Development points. Presenter: Janet Martin, APD Janet Martin has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (London), a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition (Sydney), and a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Flinders University, Adelaide). She is also an Accredited Practising Dietitian of Australia. Janet has over twenty years’ experience creating standards and recipes for texture-modified diets that meet the needs of people with swallowing disorders. The recipe book Good Looking, Easy Swallowing (1993), co-authored by Janet and speech pathologist Jane Backhouse, and funded by the Julia Farr Foundation, has become a core text for health professionals, chefs and families seeking to improve the presentation of puréed foods. The program ‘Goop to Gourmet’, based on the book, was a quality improvement program run at the Julia Farr Centre in Adelaide, where the focus was on the rehabilitation and care of head-injured and neurologically impaired individuals. Janet was involved with development of the current national guidelines for modified-texture diets. She wrote A Kitchen Manual for Preparation of Modified Texture Diets, which contains ideas and recipes that reflect her ongoing involvement with modified-texture diets. This book is available on DINER from the DAA. Registration includes Access to recording of webinar Copy of presentation notes Multiple-choice questions and answers Registration types: Recording: $38 to receive a DVD recording of the webinar and associated documents by post Subscription: $33 monthly to receive all Education in Nutrition recordings (minimum 24 a year)

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