The best way to debunk a misleading diet myth is to create a new story based on facts When a diet myth presents the wrong message to our clients, there is little point in simply refuting it. The best way to present the facts is to gift-wrap them by creating a new story. Stories have more power of persuasion than raw facts. Create a new story to debunk a misleading diet myth and watch how your story will catch on, and help clients to change their eating habits for the better. The presentation will cover: Why people believe diet myths and often give them more credibility than facts Some misleading diet myths, and starting points for creating new stories to replace them How stories can be used as a platform to make crucial points about nutrition Sources for stories, including personal experience and history Watching this presentation and completing the assessment can contribute towards assessable Continuing Professional Development points. Presenter: Glenn Cardwell, APD Glenn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with more than 30 years’ experience in clinical and public health nutrition. He is an advisor to various fresh-produce industries and other groups in the food industry, health professionals, university students, and the general public. He has given seminars on nutrition throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Spain, China, South Africa and Britain. Currently Glenn is working with the mushroom and banana industries to promote increased consumption of these fresh foods. Glenn wants to see the bullet point banned from all slides, smiles to be enforced in presentations, and story-telling become part of life for everyone, not just kindergarten children. Apart from promoting story-telling Glenn has also written four books, including the best-selling sports nutrition manual Gold Medal Nutrition, which was published in a fifth edition in the US last year. Registration includes Access to a recording of the webinar Copy of presentation notes Multiple-choice questions and answers Registration types Recording: $38 to receive a DVD recording of the webinar and associated documents by post Subscription: $33 monthly to receive all Education in Nutrition recordings (minimum 24 a year)

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