Most women struggle with their weight during pregnancy.  Hormone fluctuations, increased appetite and fatigue are just some of the pressures that make it difficult for women to stay within a healthy range.  As a result 74% of women gain more weight than scientifically recommended, then struggle to lose it after having their babies.

Furthermore, obesity is having a significant impact on levels of fertility.  As I’m sure you’re aware, one in every three women of pregnancy age are overweight or obese.  Research tells us that for every point over a BMI of 29, a women’s chance of falling pregnant decreases by 4%. That means that a healthy women with a BMI of 45 has a 60% less chance of falling pregnant than if she had a healthy BMI.

The Pregnancy Weight Plan is a complete guide to maintaining a healthy weight leading up to, during and after pregnancy that you can use with your clients.  It includes:

–          Tips and tricks for boosting fertility

–          Customised weight management plans for before, during and after pregnancy

–          Questionnaires that you can complete with your client to help determine their ideal pregnancy weight goals

–          Safe and sensible exercise programs for gym junkies and non-exercisers alike

–          Easy to follow 7 day meal plans, and

–        Healthy and simple 30 minute recipes for the whole family

The book can be purchased by your clients at Big W or any good book store for $30, or if you’d like to stock the book in your clinic, please contact [email protected]

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