A Dietitian’s guide to using GP Management and Team Care Arrangement

A great tool for anyone in Private Practice

Presenter: Magali De Castro  


The presentation will address the following topics:


Part 1
  • An overview of GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

  • Different “looks” of GPMP/TCA’s

  • Collaboration between providers: referral process

  • Common questions

Part 2
  • Referral validity

  • Reporting requirements

  • Receipt requirements

Part 3
Common questions regarding:
Care Plans
  • What if the GP hasn’t put a referral date on the form?

  • Are the referrals calendar year or 12 month from referral date?

  • Can the referral be used for two years?

  • What is the minimum time to be spent with clients for initial and review consults?

  • Do we need to keep a copy of the letter that they send back to the GP on file?

  • Why does the GP have to rewrite a referral if extra visits need to be added?

  • Can dietitians write the GP letter on the computer system that the Doctor uses rather than a written letter?

  • How many visits can a dietitian use if the form is blank?

  • Referral – if the Doctor has written a referral to another Dietitian in the same practice or a different practice, can a client use this referral with another Dietitian. Is this okay?

  • If you are dual qualified as an EP/Diabetes Educator and Dietitian – can you see the same client on the same day for the two different areas and bulk bill?

  • What happens if the client claims more visits than approved from another HP and so can’t claim all that were specified for Dietitian?

  • Can dietitians charge a gap?

  • What is the administrative fee that can be charged?


  • What is “appropriate” paperwork?

  • Does medicare audit health professionals that are exclusively bulk billing or dothey target any provider that clients have claimed from Medicare?

  • What is involved in an audit?


This presentation is available for purchase from Education in Nutrition. For further information please visit: http://educationinnutrition.com.au/recordings/view/a_dietitians_guide_to_using_gp_management_plans_and_team_care_arrangements