The core of the non-diet approach is mindful eating, positive body image and a non-judgemental attitude to food The presentation will cover the five main practice points and philosophies of the non-diet approach: Body Cues- mindful eating All Foods- non-judgmental attitude to food Body Shape- positive body image Movement- for health not weight control Non-Diet Nutrition- variety and planning Watching this presentation and completing the assessment may contribute towards assessable Continuing Professional Development points. About the presenter Fiona Willer is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. As well as building her successful private practice, NutritionSense Allied Health, Fiona has been a lecturer and clinical educator in Nutrition and Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) since 2008. Much of her private practice work is with chronic dieters with whom she frequently uses the non-diet approach. She is the author of ‘The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians’, a well-received how-to guide for applying the non-diet approach in individualised dietetic counselling Fiona is working determinedly towards more widespread integration of the Health at Every Size (HAES)® approach into dietetic practice through her teaching, research, private practice and as administrator of Fiona was awarded the 2007 Queensland Meals on Wheels Nutrition Award and served as an elected member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) Queensland Branch Executive from 2008-2010. Registration includes Access to the live webinar or a recording of the webinar Presentation notes Multiple-choice questions and answers Suggested further reading Registration types Recording: $38 to receive a DVD recording of the webinar and associated documents by post Subscription: $33 monthly to receive all Education in Nutrition recordings (minimum 24 a year)

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