Photo Recipes Step by Step, is a careful selection of recipes with a Mediterranean spirit where the main protagonist is the educational component and which takes into account who works at the stove. In every recipe you will find a concise description together with step by step high definition photographs that will guide the user in a natural and simple way in the preparation of delicious dishes of the best healthy food in a very easy way. 

We have found the true meaning of the balanced diet which the Mediterranean offers us, since the careful selection of recipes is a perfect and delicate balance of the most traditional taste with a certain touch of sophistication in the dishes that, without adding complexity in the preparation, manage to bring the point of creativity that will engage both beginners and experienced cooks. But we could even say that the greatest success of Photo Recipe Step by Step is the versatility of its contents, people who have just begun to learn to cook will be able to obtain dazzling results with easy steps cleverly described and illustrated in each recipe, and the most experts will know how to incorporate to their culinary repertoire recipes with a markedly Mediterranean spirit, a traditional character and a touch of sophistication that surely will leave a good taste in their mouths. 

The entire application has that Mediterranean character, from its graphical environment to its navigation from recipe to recipe, obtaining a taste without extravagances, which invites you to take your iPad/iphone to the kitchen and enjoy a healthy ancestral gastronomy wisely explained with the means of the 21st century. 

This app is available from the iTunes App Store