Welcome to Cooking Planit… the ONLY utility that finally takes the guesswork out of the cooking process. This award-winning app guides you step-by-step through the entire meal, so that everything is on the table, right when you want it to be.

Cooking Planit provides a powerful set of simple-to-use tools that enables you to combine the recipes of multiple dishes into a complete meal. Cooking Planit organizes the cooking process and provides step-by step instructions so that everything comes out right on time.

Cooking Planit syncs your account in the cloud so that you are free to use all of your devices in any combination that works for you. For example, you can plan your meals on the web at www.cookingplanit.com, use the shopping list in your iPhone app at the grocery store and then cook using your iPad version in the kitchen. 

Are you tired of cooking the same thing every night but too afraid to try new recipes? Frustrated by how easy it looks when they do it on TV? Fed up with having to use a handful of different applications for meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking? Or just too tired to think about cooking when you get home from work? 

Well, the cooking revolution is now at your fingertips! Cooking PlanIt is the world’s first personal cooking assistant for experienced and novice cooks. 

Along with over 500 chef-tested recipes and meal pairings, Cooking Planit will not just help you prepare amazing meals, but will actually make you a better cook by improving your organizational skills in the kitchen! 

Best of all, the voice control feature allows you to move forward and backward in recipe steps without having to touch the screen while you are cooking! 

We invite you to enjoy what will surely be the most indispensable tool in your kitchen! 


• Full access to all content and features available in the web version 
• Access your cloud-synced account from your computer at www.cookingplanit.com, and through your iPhone and/or iPad 
• GPS for your kitchen! Timed meal plans walk you through each step in the cooking process, telling you what to do, and when and how to do it 
• Voice control – manage the steps while cooking without having to touch your screen! 
• Select a single recipe or multiple-course meal, choosing from over 500 chef-tested recipes and 300 suggested meal combinations, or build your own meal plan 
• New recipes and meal plans added regularly 
• Quickly and easily adjust the quantities of the recipes to suit the number of people being served, as well as many dietary restrictions 
• Create accurate grocery lists that combine the ingredients of all recipes, which are then automatically categorized by grocery store aisle 
• Add additional grocery list items to make this the only grocery list you ever need 
• Search by individual items in your pantry to find delicious meals you can use them in 
• Ad-Free