Don’t try another diet. Learn how to live instead!

Need or want to lose a few pounds? Just follow the delicious recipe for a richer, better life found in this step-by-step guide. Cindy Guirino, registered dietician and certified personal trainer, combines the simple elements of eating well, exercising regularly, and maintaining a positive attitude with the power of keeping a daily journal. It’s the tool you need to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Cindy will teach you how to:

•Get the various nutrients your body needs and which food groups supply them

•Create satisfying snacks and even treat yourself to a daily indulgence without breaking your program

•Exercise to raise your metabolism, improve your stamina, reduce your risks for disease, and improve your outlook on life

•Lose pounds every month simply by tackling daily activities inefficiently

•Use the secret weapon of a positive attitude by re-scripting your thoughts

•Write your way to a thinner you by filling out the daily worksheets provided

•Create delicious meals from simple, healthy recipes

•Start your journey today by opening your mind to the possibility that there is a better way to live.


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