The Cyclist’s Food Guide (2011) is a helpful nutrition guide for cyclists who want to fuel themselves well for pleasurable rides and long tours.


You’ll Learn …

What to eat before, during and after a bike ride

How to lose weight and still have energy to pedal up the hills.

How to “fuel up” at convenience stores, plus eat well when on the road.


Topics Covered

The Cyclist’s Food Guide is a book about how to eat easily but well and fuel yourself optimally for

long rides on the road and though the journey of life. It offers hundreds of practical tips to add power to

your pedaling and to your performance both at work and during exercise. It’s perfect for recreational 

cylists, touring cyclists, and those who do long rides that last for hours, days, or weeks.


The Cyclist’s Food Guide is a valuable addition to your sports and health libraries —

A nutrition guidebook with chapters to help you with day-to-day eating for high energy. 

A sports nutrition resource with chapters about how to fuel for strength and stamina.

A food book filled with easy ideas for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

A source of inspiration to help you enjoy the challenge of long distance riding.

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