The Omega-3 Handbook is a handy reference guide written for dietitians and other health professionals. It is an easy way to learn about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids.



Why omega-3s are crucial for health.

The real difference between marine and plant sources of omega-3s.

How much your clients need to be healthy.

Guidelines for making recommendations.

The different types of dietary supplements available.

How much children and pregnant women are really consuming.

What matters when reading product labels.

The best vegetarian and vegan choices.

The different forms and sources of omega-3s available.

The Omega-3 Handbook provides comprehensive and

easy-to-understand explanations, reference tables,

and answers to your frequently asked questions.



Recommendations from the American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, the European Food Safety Authority, and more.

Current dietary consumption and recommendations for children and pregnant women.

A list of omega-3 content in commonly consumed fish.

How much omega-3 it takes to improve healthy blood levels.

What to look for in an omega-3 supplement.

And a look behind the curtain into the fish oil industry.

And more…Learn about the new omega-3s coming to market, such as SDA and DPA. Can you really get omega-3 in water? Can I cook with fish oil? Why are they sometimes called hormones? Can we get too much? Is omega-3 considered a preventable cause of death?



Gretchen Vannice has worked with omega-3 fatty acids for 10 years, in academia, industry, and healthcare. She understands the complexity of the biochemistry, the confusion in the market place, the quality of research publications, and the limited time available to the busy healthcare practitioner to stay abreast of all the information. This is your quick study guide, written just for you.


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