Over 140 of the best tips and tools to help you shed those extra kilos. Ideas to inspire and motivate.

Low-carb, low-GI, high-protein, sugar-free, liver-friendly. Forget diets and dieting. Cut 400 kilojoules (just under 100 calories) a day and you’ll lose half a kilo (one pound) of body fat in a month which adds up to a hefty 6 kg (about 14 pounds) over a year.

It’s a small painless change that you’ll hardly notice. Small, slow but permanent. That’s the power of small changes – they’re easy to stick to and add up without you even noticing.

Here under one cover, Catherine Saxelby offers her blend of solid advice and clever ideas about diet food, low-fat eating, diets, supplements and meal replacements – gleaned from years of working with dieters.

She’s not only a trained dietitian – as a life-long dieter, she understands what it’s like to struggle with overweight. As she notes:

“Sadly, there is NO magic bullet or a quick-fix answer. It’s what you do long term that makes the difference, not just something you try for a few days and it’s over. Large sweeping changes often don’t last – think of your New Year’s resolutions.

Use my book to introduce small daily changes that won’t have you suffering but will bring about weight loss without you noticing.”

List of contents

•Pop diets – which work, which don’t

•Cravings and binges

•Diet enemies

•Diet friend

•Eating out do’s and don’ts

•Managing your hunger

•Affirmations for weight loss & good health


Hardie Grant Books 2005

Soft cover 160 pages

ISBN  1 74066 264 4


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