Webinar – Marketing in the digital age: How your business needs to evolve with digital

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Please note: there is no CE certificate available for this webinar.


Presented by: Tony Lee, Strategy Director at ntegrity agency

Are you a dietitian that knows that you need to ‘do more digital’, but don’t know how to get started? Are you struggling to gain traction with your digital channels? Do you not understand the health of your digital performance?

You’re not alone.

Truth is, many businesses struggle with the digital evolution because the rules have changed. In fact, there has been more change in the marketing landscape in the last 5 years than in the past 50 years.

Strategy Director of award-winning digital agency, ntegrity, will change the way you see, think and activate your digital brand.


By listening to his webinar, you will:

•      Understand the key differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing and prepare your business for the future

•      Know how to best utilise each of your channels and how to align them with your customer’s decision journey for maximum effect.

•      Learn how you can effectively engage your users to achieve the results you want

•      See real life case studies how other brands have achieved great success using digital marketing

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