Professional Development
1h Assessable
Wednesday 13th June 2018 @ 12.30pm (Syd / Melb / Bris time)

Food trend alert: eating a plant-based diet is sizzling hot. From beans and lentils to almond milk, tofu and meat alternatives, an increasing number of plant-based products are hitting supermarket shelves, while cookbooks and social media rush to keep up with the demand for plant-based recipes.

The question arises: should we be encouraging our clients to move toward more of a plant-based diet – and if so, how do we begin?

This webinar will provide unique insights on nutrition trends, why a plant-based diet can benefit clients – and how to help them get started.

Our webinar objectives are: 
  • To examine current trends in, and demand for, plant-based products
  • To discuss the pros and cons of moving toward a plant-based diet
  • To analyse the effects of such a plant-based diet on Australians’ food-shopping patterns
  • To walk away with actionable steps for clients on making nutritionally sound choices around a plant-based diet


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