Microbiome analysis for personalised nutrition

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About the webinar:

Advances in technology are allowing us to explore the gut microbiome in high resolution for the first time. This fast evolving and exciting area of research is revealing that our gut microbiome plays an important role in health, with changes in the microbiome linked to diverse medical conditions such as metabolic disease, diabetes, IBS,  depression and even kidney stones.

Diet is one of the most important and potentially modifiable factors influencing the gut microbiome.  As our understanding of how the gut microbiome interacts with diet and health grows, it will revolutionise health care with dietitians uniquely placed to play a crucial role in managing and treating microbiome dysbiosis.

Microba is the first company in Australia to provide gut microbiome sequencing to the general public and health care professionals using advanced technology known as metagenomics. This unique technology has the ability to accurately identify micro-organisms to the species level, and more importantly, assess the functional potential of the overall microbiome. This complex scientific information is delivered in an easy-to-use, online interactive report.


“Diet is absolutely key for fueling a healthy, diverse microbiome and so dietitians can play a key role in helping people to make the dietary changes that would benefit their health. We have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this research and that’s pretty exciting! I completed the online Microba Insights Program to ensure I am across the research and understanding to date on what microbiome testing can tell us. I highly recommend other dietitians, health professionals and researchers do the same.” – Joanna McMillan, Dietitian


This webinar will discuss the science underpinning the Microba InsightTM test and provide practical advice on how to apply the available evidence from gut microbiome research to guide clinical practice. Metagenomic gut microbiome testing can help manage health conditions while ensuring long term gut microbiome health.


Key learning objectives:
  • Learn about the change in perception of the gut microbiome and its impact on health
  • How microbiome testing can be used to inform diet assessment and planning
  • Learn how to receive further information about this emerging science and its use in practice.


About the speakers:

Dr Paula Smith-Brown is the lead Accredited Practising Dietitian and microbiome coach at Microba. She has a specialist interest in young child nutrition and the management of allergy and intolerance with over 10 years of clinical experience in hospital, community and private practice settings. She began her PhD in 2011 in which she planned to explore the link between diet and metabolic health using metabolomics. She soon noted that every metabolite that was being linked to diet was microbial in origin and it became clear that she needed to look at the microbiome if she wanted to fully understand the link between diet and health. She was awarded her PhD from the University of Queensland in 2017 which explored the association between diet, gut microbiota and body composition in children. In 2017 she was awarded the NNI Young Researcher of the Year Award for Asia/Pacific region and the Yoghurt in Nutrition Initiative grant which allowed her to complete further research exploring the link between diet and microbiota development during the period of complementary feeding.


Dr Alena Pribyl is a senior scientist at Microba, a microbial genomics company that provides metagenomic gut microbiome profiles to general consumers and researchers. Alena has a PhD in fish physiology where she investigated physiological and molecular biomarkers of stress in fish. Following a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, she was awarded a prestigious fellowship through the California Council on Science and Technology to work in science policy at the California Legislature. She spent two years in science policy where she developed a passion for science outreach and communication. After arriving in Australia three years ago, she started working for the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics (ACE) at the University of Queensland where she added to her expertise in physiological and molecular biomarkers in the context of the human microbiome. One of her projects was to develop the science content for a novel platform that could be used to present metagenomic gut microbiome profiles. This platform later became the basis for Microba’s consumer results report.


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Dr Paula Smith-Brown & Dr Alena Pribyl