Is a website really necessary? How to maximise the effectiveness of your website to achieve business goals

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Please note: there is no CE certificate available for this webinar.


Is your website working effectively to achieve your business objectives? Do you have the right measures set up to determine this? With more and more dietitians setting up nutrition blogs and websites to grow their careers, it is more important than ever to ensure that your website is set up properly so when your customers land there, they take an action that has a value in helping you grow your business.

Simon Blangiardo, Director of Straight out Digital, will present this engaging webinar where you will learn:

•      How to ensure you have a responsive website designed to achieve conversions

•      Understand the “why” behind your data – learn what to measure and how to use the data from your analytics

•      Search Engine Optimisation basics  – top tips and easy-to-implement SEO tricks to improve your organic search results

•      Social integration of your website – how to move your customers from your social media platforms to a website landing page to take action

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