Intermittent Fasting #FadorFuture?

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Intermittent Fasting #FadOrFuture?

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An essential update

Intermittent fasting (or IF for short) is a hot diet trend that seems simple enough – cycle between periods of fasting and eating – for weight loss and health benefits.

But with the many IF variations (5:2, 16/8, Eat-Stop-Eat, etc) understanding the pros, cons, practicality and evidence for intermittent fasting is more complex in reality.

Join our panel of speakers, who are researching and testing IF for weight management, longevity and performance.

Don’t miss this cutting edge update on intermittent fasting


The big questions

What exactly qualifies as intermittent fasting?

Is IF superior for weight loss and for who?

What are key personal insights about IF?

Are there any metabolic benefits?

Does IF come with any risks?

How does IF affect appetite?

Can you do IF and keep muscle?

Is intermittent fasting another diet fad or the future?


The presentations

Intermittent fasting – Trending now  (5 mins)

by Matt O’Neill

What’s the buzz about intermittent fasting (IF)?

Who’s promoting IF? 

More than the 5:2 diet – Variations & evidence (30 mins)

by Prof Leonie Heilbronn

Definitions of intermittent fasting

What IF protocols have evidence? 

IF diets versus the rest for weight loss?

Should I fast to live longer?

Your body on a fast – Individual responses (30 mins)

by Prof Amanda Salis

How your hormones respond to fasting & famine

Is IF compatible with appetite management?

How to eat less & stick at it

Matching your diet to your biology

Intermittent dieting for performance – Worth it?
 (30 mins)

by Jackson Peos, PhD Candidate

Do bodybuilders & fitness goers use IF?

Research on IF for fat loss & muscle gain in athletes

The UWA intermittent dieting study in athletes

Practical applications of intermittent dieting for athletes

Speaker Q&A (15 minutes)

Leonie, Amanda & Jackson will answer key questions and discuss intermittent fasting trends and predictions.


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