Thank Goodness For Your Gut! Virtual Conference

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Gut health is an exciting
trend in nutrition right now. Thank goodness for the science that is emerging around the gut microbiome and immunity, general health, probiotics and prebiotics.


You’re invited to this FREE virtual conference, including presentations from Dr Megan Rossi, Dr Tim Crowe and Dr Helena Popovic. You’ll learn about the latest prebiotics and probiotics science, how to optimise your gut health and how medical interventions may impact gut health, plus some of the latest Australian gut food innovations – all in an easily digestible format.


  • Gut health from the inside outDr Megan Rossi.

    The gut health market, with everything from prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods to kefir and kombucha, has exploded and Google searches for ‘gut health’ have tripled in the last few years. Leading gut health specialist Dr Megan Rossi will share the latest research on the gut microbiome and empower you to take an evidence-based approach to optimising the health of the gut.

  • Beyond fibre: how prebiotics shape our health through the gut microbiotaDr Tim Crowe

    Interest in the prebiotic fibre-induced modulation of the gut microbiota has gained traction for its potential impact on health and disease. This presentation will cover the key prebiotics linked to good gut health, outline how they work in doing this, and provide evidence informed by a systematic literature review on how consumption of supplemental prebiotics is related to favourable changes in the gut microbiota.

  • What’s Your Gut Reaction? — Dr Helena Popovic

    Microbes in our gut are capable of producing compounds that tinker with our brain function, immune system and even our human genes. Allergies, autoimmune diseases and mental health conditions are all characterised by increased permeability of the intestines, with ensuing chronic inflammation. Which medications are recognised as ‘microbial disruptors’? Can physical exercise alone improve microbial diversity and butyrate production? Does butyrate stimulate neurogenesis in the brain? Can mouthwash alter our oral microbiome and potentially damage teeth? Can a good night’s sleep improve gut health? Does frequent use of cleaning products increase asthma incidence in children? Can stress decimate gut microbial diversity? Join Dr Helena Popovic for the latest practical – and fascinating – insights.


    Dr Megan Rossi, aka The Gut Health Doctor, is considered one of the most influential gut health specialists internationally. A Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist for the last decade with an award-winning PhD in gut health, Megan’s PhD was recognised for its contribution to science, receiving the Dean’s Award for outstanding research.

    A leading Research Fellow at King’s College London, Megan is currently investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre- and probiotics, dietary fibres, plant-based diversity, the low-FODMAP diet and food additives, as well as having set up The Gut Health Clinic in London and created her own gut-loving food brand, Bio&Me.

    Frustrated that her findings weren’t reaching the public, and instead seeing fad and potentially dangerous misinformation on gut health being spread, Megan took to social media to share credible, evidence-based advice, building an engaged community of over 190,000 people so far.

    Her first book, Eat Yourself Healthy, was published in September 2019 as an easy-to-digest guide to gut health and beyond, immediately became an Amazon and The Sunday Times best seller. Megan has also been recognised as Business Insider’s Top 100 Coolest People in Food & Drink and named Young Australian Achiever of the Year in the UK 2020.
    Connect with Megan at @TheGutHealthDoctor


    Dr Tim Crowe is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian who has spent most of his career in the world of university nutrition teaching and research. He now works chiefly as a freelance health and medical writer and scientific consultant. He has an active media profile and a large social media following through his Thinking Nutrition blog, Facebook page and podcast.





    Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on improving brain function, best-selling author and international speaker. She graduated from the University of Sydney and her philosophy is that education is more powerful than medication. Dr Helena is Founder of the Centre for Excellent Health and Ambassador for The Gut Foundation of Australia.

    She was a Sydney TEDx Fast Ideas finalist and her book NeuroSlimming won Bronze medal in the international Living Now Awards for its contribution to positive global change. She is also the author of In Search of My Father – Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination.




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    The presentations in this virtual conference are for education purposes only. The views, information or opinions at the conference are those of the individual presenter and do not necessarily represent those of the supporting brands or Dietitian Connection.


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