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We’re constantly scouting for world-class, influential presenters that help our members think in new ways – experts who can contribute creative solutions to challenges that we face in counselling our clients. Now, we’ve secured an exceptional learning opportunity that’s centred on helping you to support your clients’ well-being in new ways.

Dietitian Connection is pleased to bring the expertise of Glenn Mackintosh, founder of Weight Management Psychology, to you. Glenn has presented a series of five webinars on the psychological aspects of weight management, with emphasis on overall health.

Glenn brings a special passion (and talent) for training professionals in applying psychological principals to help clients who are grappling with weight management issues. His presentations earn raves from dietitians for being highly applicable and refreshingly insightful.

Yes, you’ve seen him on “The Biggest Loser: Transformed (2017)”, and his expert advice is regularly featured in the media, from Weight Watchers to “A Current Affair”. But what truly sets Glenn apart is his ability to deliver a wide range of psychology-based interventions that focus on holistic client goals and values. After watching these webinars, you’ll leave with a workable framework from Glenn that will help you de-emphasize weight loss with your clients, and instead focus on positive body image and self-love at every size. He’ll give you strategies to help your clients escape emotional eating, transform their mindsets and start to love their bodies.


Why Glenn?

A sample of recent feedback on Glenn’s presentation skills includes:


  • “Glenn is my go-to psychologist and a brilliant, engaging presenter. His training is invaluable for the dietitian looking to better support clients to make changes that stick.”  — Lyndi Cohen, The Nude Nutritionist
  • “Glenn’s strategies are a perfect addition to every dietitian’s weight management toolkit.” — Amanda Clark, AAPD, Great Ideas in Nutrition
  • “Glenn breaks down complex psychological techniques into simple steps that anyone can understand and apply. Combining his tools and techniques with nutrition education provides a more holistic approach to my practice and has created lots of light bulb moments with my clients that will stay with them for life.”
    – Anna D’arcy -Director, My Nutrition Clinic


But Wait, There’s More…

Glenn held similar webinars earlier this year with the Australian Psychology Society, and survey responses from recent attendees were incredibly positive. Examples include:

  • Foundations for Success: 100% of respondents rated this workshop as good or very good
  • Mindset for Transformation: 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the presentation was clear and logical
  • Naturally Healthy Habits: 95% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the stated learning aims were met



About Glenn

Glenn Mackintosh is the Founder of Weight Management Psychology. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, a fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society, and a member of the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-image Interest Group. Before venturing into full time private practise, he was the Director of Psychology at the Wesley Lifeshape Clinic. Learn more at