Webinar: Emotional Freedom Techniques for Weight Management

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Recording Rates of weight regain in diet and exercise interventions are staggering, and the addition of traditional psychological interventions (like cognitive behavioural therapy) only results in more weight loss and slower regain, seemingly delaying the inevitable. Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly called EFT or “Tapping Therapy” provides an evidence-based approach proven to reduce food cravings, reduce weight and BMI, and improve emotional wellbeing all WITHOUT DIETING.

Furthermore, results seem to maintain or IMPROVE over time. Thus, tapping therapy offers a unique approach that, as part of a co-ordinated and evidence-based approach, may help us turn the tide on weight issues. Ongoing and future research is discussed and avenues for professionals to use EFT for weight management clients are provided.

Learning Objectives: 

1.Understanding of Emotional Freedom Technique

2.Understanding of basic mechanisms of EFT

3.Understanding applications of EFT for food cravings, physical activity, and emotional wellbeing


About the presenter:

Glenn Mackintosh is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, a fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society, and the Queensland representative for the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-image Interest Group. Before venturing into full time private practise, he was the psychology coordinator at the Wesley Lifeshape Clinic, and he also consults with Qld Bariatrics patients pre- and post- surgery.

Glenn’s research investigated psychological and social factors and weight management, and he has lectured in weight management psychology, health psychology, and sport and exercise psychology at the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and the Australian College of Applied Psychology. He has also developed the self-help resources Relaxation & Affirmation, The Walking Companion, and Weight Off Your Mind, designed for psychological education and transformation around key weight management issues. Glenn also features in the media regularly, having interviewed on weight related topics for Weight Watcher’s Magazine, 4BC Radio, and A Current Affair. However, Glenn’s passion is in helping people effectively manage their weight, and training other professionals in applying psychological principals to help their clients who are grappling with weight management issues.

In 2014 Glenn presented for the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Health Psychologists and Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-Image Interest Groups for half and full-day workshops respectively, and has presented for the Dietitians Association of Australia on the psychology of making healthy choices, and psychological considerations of bariatric surgery.

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