Dietary management of IBS – the low FODMAP diet & other adjunct therapies

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This webinar will explore the role of the low FODMAP diet in the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the place of other adjunct therapies such as gut directed hypnotherapy, probiotic supplementation, fibre modification and A2 beta-casein.

Our webinar objectives are: 
1. Improve knowledge and understanding of the practical application of a low FODMAP diet, from the elimination phase to the challenge phase.
2. Understand the roles of other adjunct therapies that may be used in conjunction or instead of a low FODMAP to improve treatment response.

About the presenters

Dr Jane Varney is a Senior Research Dietitian in the Department of Gastroenterology at Monash University. Jane worked as a clinical dietitian for 10 years, before completing her PhD in 2013 at the University of Melbourne. Jane’s PhD research looked at the efficacy and cost effectiveness of telephone coaching intervention for the management of T2DM. Jane’s most recent work has involved the development of Monash University’s online training course for dietitians and health professionals: The Low FODMAP diet for IBS.

Shirley Webber is a Research Dietitian at Monash University Department of Gastroenterology. Shirley has been working with Monash University to coordinate research studies and assisting in data management for the Monash University low FODMAP app. Shirley also has experience working in private practice utilising the low FODMAP diet to assist patients in the management of their IBS symptoms.


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Dr Jane Varney & Shirley Webber