This webinar recording will help you feel more confident help clients on their path for permanent positive change.


From the very first consultation, Dietitians have the opportunity to change lives, not just diets. Become a better change agent with effective mindset approaches and coaching strategies in five key areas:

  1. Establishing commitment
  2. Reducing excuses
  3. Managing set-backs
  4. Boosting belief, and
  5. Intervening when change has stalled.

Learning Objectives

How to use specific questioning to explore and establish better behavioural management.

Establish a suite of brief behavioural coaching strategies to user in any client consultation.

How to recognise client excuses and other barriers to progress then intervene to stimulate continued positive change.


Matt O’Neill inspires health professionals to become better weight management practitioners and change agents. As Director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, Matt provides online learning, resources and mentoring. Matt’s own nutrition program, Metabolic Jumpstart, has attracted over 24,000 participants, 100 fitness businesses as partners and almost 500 program coaches. He is a talented educator and speaker, having delivered over one thousand media interviews and seminars in eight countries. Learn more about Matt at