Dr Jack Bell is an advanced dietitian, a conjoint Principal Research Fellow with University of Queensland and Metro North Hospital Health Service, and a current MRFF TRIP Fellow. As an implementation scientist, Jack currently works with teams across Queensland and Canada to implement systematised, interdisciplinary malnutrition care in hospitals. As a member of the Queensland Clinical Senate and Metro North Clinical Council Jack advocates for high-value healthcare and better work/life balance.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jack’s background in dietetics, Jack shares insight into his 20 years’ experience in clinical dietetics
  • Jack’s current role and the many different hats he wears from clinical work in the hip fracture unit, conjoint research fellow project, role translating research into practice with the SIMPLE approach project and lastly working on the More-2-Eat project in Canada.
  • Jack’s thoughts on the barriers facing malnutrition and the negative health impacts it can cause to patients
  • How we can become more efficient at delivering malnutrition care for every patient
  • The SIMPLE approach, what is it and what lead to the development of this complex healthcare intervention and how this tool can provide more timely management of malnutrition
  • How we as dietitians can begin to look at things differently to better the future care of patients and priorities high priority patients more efficiently
  • How clinical dietitians can put systems in place to ensure high-value care for patients, whilst considering the hospital sites individual needs and capacity
  • The key principles to consider when trying to change current practices
  • How to build strong relationships in the hospital and account for the climate in which you are implementing changes to ensure it’s tailored appropriately to the health care site
  • The Spread and Sustain Framework, how to spread change and how to sustain change
  • How to get the support of multidisciplinary teams to ensure the success and longevity of implementations
  • Future goals for SIMPLE, will this tool roll out across QLD health services?


Jack would like to specifically acknowledge all the patients, students and teams who have worked together to develop, implement, and continue to improve systematised, interdisciplinary nutrition care programs, including but not limited to ortho-geriatric care, the More-2-Eat program in Canada, and the SIMPLE program in Australia.

Dr Jack Bell did not receive any funding for the podcast episode.

Research articles discussed during the podcast:

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