Hand grip strength (HGS) has been proposed an indictor of nutritional status that is objective, requires little operator training and is quick to use at the bedside. In this study, the discriminatory ability of HGS in screening for malnutrition during admission to general surgical wards in an older (≥65 years) population was tested against MST screening and PG-SGA nutritional assessment. HGS was found to be unsuitable in screening older inpatients for malnutrition during admission to surgical wards. This finding does go against what previous studies have found in that HGS is a useful screening tool for malnutrition, however, many limitations to the current study were noted.

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Byrnes A et al. Use of hand grip strength in nutrition risk screening of older patients admitted to general surgical wards. Nutrition & Dietetics Epub 16 April, 2018. doi: 10.1111/1747-0080.12422

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