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Are you confused by all the conflicting information you hear and read about to do with nutrition and health? Then Thinking Nutrition gives you the latest nutrition research and controversies discussed in straight forward language, distilling out what you need to know for your better health.

Why did you start blogging?

I started up Thinking Nutrition as a way to be proactive in providing credible and evidence based nutrition messages in straight forward language. It is my small way of giving some balance to some very loud and very misinformed voices in the social media space who attract large followings.

What does the blog cover?


My blog draws upon not only the latest nutrition research, but puts this into a broader context of what we know about nutrition and health through the filter of someone who has spent their career in medical research and health communication. And while I don’t profess to have all the answers in an area that is continually changing as research changes, you can count on what is presented in the blog being free of any commercial influences. The information you read is based on the whole field of nutrition science, not just selective areas that support a particular way of thinking. While I’m very much at home with writing about the latest nutrition research, I bring in guest dietitian bloggers at time to give a lot more of the practical food advice to make it all work for a person.


Associate Professor Tim Crowe is a nutrition academic at Deakin University and is also an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. Tim teaches about the role of nutrition in disease prevention and management, particularly diabetes and cancer. His research areas include specialised nutrition in the prevention of surgical complications, malnutrition and nutrition support in wound healing. He is very active in the media and also writes for many magazines and websites. Get more of his nutrition commentary through his blog Thinking NutritionFacebook page and connect with him on Twitter.