Why did you start blogging?

The Body Dietetics was launched in 2013 out of my desire to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to change their diet and lifestyle habits to live their best life. To teach them why, but also, more importantly, the “how”. The blog followed quite quickly as I noticed Dietitian’s were (and still are) extremely outnumbered online and through social media. Blogging allows me to do two key things I set out to do through my business:  Advocate for Dietitians and other qualified health professionals, and promote and educate on what I really believe in – wholefood nutrition.  


What does the blog cover?

The blog focuses mainly on topics related to gut health and alternative diets. I see a lot of people with intolerances, autoimmune conditions and digestive issues so I like to keep people up to date with the latest trends, fads, research and evidence-based advice in those areas.

I feature a health-driven, innovative individual or food company once a week in my Friday Night In series to help people navigate the supermarket isles, home-delivery services, or simply give them some inspiration. You’ll also find gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes, and some quality ‘mythbusting’ on hot topics doing the rounds! 

Usually on Facebook, but occasionally via the blog too, I also do a weekly #icallbluff which highlights a food product parading as healthy, when in actual fact it’s really not that great. I switch these up by alternating with a #theyrenotbluffing to help guide people to better choices too. If it’s not a post by me, then you’ll find some great hot topics discussed by my fabulous nutrition students on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (coached by me). Plus my resident Personal Trainer kicks butt with weekly ‘Fit Thursdays’ posts to sort the facts from fiction when it comes to building strength, leaning out and getting fit and toned!


Larina Robinson is a Wholefood Dietitian, APD, AN, and Author of the Wholefood Entertaining Cookbook (containing gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes). She firmly believes in the link between what we eat, our energy levels and our moods, as well as the anti-aging and healing properties of whole foods. Larina regularly contributes to various magazines and online publications including Sporteluxe and Women’s Health and Fitness, and has been doing so for over 5 years. She strongly believes in a whole food, individualised approach to diet and health. Her main passions include weight loss/maintenance, gut health, and assisting those with food intolerances (especially gluten, lactose and fructose), SIBO, IBS/Low FODMAP, and those wishing to follow alternative diets. Larina helps individuals find the diet that suits their lifestyles, health status and unique circumstances whilst still enjoying delicious, nourishing food and a social life!


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