Interviewing for a new job? Start practising today!

Don’t go into a job interview unprepared. Instead, think of a job interview as an approaching marathon, and start training. Why “train” for a job interview? You will come across with heightened confidence; you are less likely to be caught off guard; and your efforts can greatly help improve your prospects of winning that marathon (err, job).
We’re ready to help. Here’s our easy DC practising regime to get you in tip-top shape for that big day.

1. We’ve created job-interview quiz cards! They feature commonly asked questions – and are developed by our DC founder, Maree Ferguson, who has decades of experience in both interviewing and hiring.
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2. Develop your own personalised response to each question. Include examples of successes from your career or studies [or even your personal life, or volunteer experiences] that you can reference.
3. Sit down with your flash cards and practice. Ask yourself each question, or have someone ask you, then deliver your response. Better yet, video yourself doing this, so you can see your tone, inflection and posture, and adjust them accordingly.
4. Practice with your cards again and again until your responses come from memory and feel comfortable and natural. Remember, marathoners don’t wake up that morning and hit the ground running!
5. The day of your interview, refresh your memory one final time from your cards – then hold your head high, put your shoulders back and go in to win that job with confidence. Don’t forget to practice your power pose!
Ready? Order your job interview flash cards today to get started!