Sports Dietitians Australia is excited to be holding their conference entitled Leadership & Innovation for Practice Success on 23 – 24 October 2015, in Melbourne. This year’s program will feature some of Australia’s leading Accredited Sports Dietitians, Scientists and Health Professionals, with one day and two day packages available starting from just $300. 

Day One:

    Learn tips and tricks from Australia’s most experienced sports dietitians, like Karen Inge and Tim Crowe, on the how to plant seeds for long-term business success.

    The doyen of sports nutrition Professor Louise Burke will summarise the topical Low Carb High Fat diet.

    Case studies comparing LCHF and normal nutrition diets used in speed, team sports, endurance and ultra-endurance sports.

Day Two:

    The importance of energy availability in maximising performance by Bronwen Lundy.

    How technology can help you improve your client/practitioner relationship for better client retention.

    The ageing athlete by Peter Raeburn.

    Gut microbiotan by Andrew Holmes.

    The latest in supplementation and third party testing.

You can read the full program and details for registration online.